Sashimi Bar Kashigashira; Tsukijii

Getting here: Walk (about 5 minutes) from Tsukijii station

Address (from website): 〒104-0045東京都中央区築地4-12-2ライオンズマンション東銀座地下一階, Opening hours (from website): Lunch 11:30 – 14:00; Bar Time 18:30 -2:00

Sashimi Bar Kashigashira is hidden away at the basement of an inconspicuous looking building near Tsukijii station. The menu is completely in Japanese, but there are accompanying pictures so that helps quite a bit. Ordered the maguro don (around ¥1500 /¥1600) which was not on the standard menu but appeared to be a special item. The generous maguro topping was extremely fresh, and the rice surprisingly hid an equally fresh prawn, salmon roe, and white bait fish. The maguro don also came with a rather light miso soup, and free flow of cold tea. An extremely fulfilling lunch, far from the maddening Tsukijii tourist crowd and queues.

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