Non Entrée Desserts; Singapore

Getting Here: 204 Rangoon Road; Take the train to Farrer Park MRT and then walk down Rangoon Road for about 5 – 1o minutes

There is nothing more exciting than dessert in disguise. Tried the Bak Chor Mee (S$14.90 before GST and Service Charge) (and got to sample their Tutu Kueh and Pandan Waffle courtesy of my dining companions as well). There was nothing savory about the Bak Chor Mee which was “mango vermicelli “noodles” & pudding with aged balsamico “vinegar”, raspberry reduction “chilli”, sesame snow “minced meat” & coconut “fishball” parfait.”

This was as flavorful as it was visually beautiful. The mango and coconut flavors balanced each other off quite well, with the sesame snow minced meat providing a refreshing crunch to an otherwise soft puddingy dish. The portion was a little small for the price, but with the add-on S$4 coffee, it was just about right. This place has a really stunning selection of desserts – their Gem Biscuit and Ang Ku Kueh cakes glisten enticingly in the display case. Looking forward to a second visit here, and to ordering (and eating) the eye candy from this visit.

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