Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (國父紀念館); Taipei

Getting here: Take the MRT to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station and walk for about 5 minutes from Exit 4.

We visited on a weekend morning, and were pleasantly surprised to find the Memorial Hall grounds populated with groups of people exercising / practicing their hip hop moves (?). The atmosphere both inside and outside the memorial hall was pretty relaxed, and we managed to spend a leisurely morning wandering through the galleries inside the Memorial Hall.

After catching the changing of the guard, we explored the two history galleries on the first floor and even though most of the photos / items in the display cases were reproductions, the exhibits were informative and provided a good beginner’s introduction to Taiwanese history and to Sun Yat Sen’s life. There was also an interesting video being screened on the architecture of the Memorial Hall.

The upper floors of of the Memorial Hall were home to photography and art exhibitions which we enjoyed as well. One of the more interesting galleries housed an ink painting exhibition by artist Liao Mei-Lan, with the principal subject matter being the elderly. This was memorable because of the unusual and refreshing choice of subject matter. One of the paintings also featured an elderly subject, juxtaposed with a pokemon!

Based on the materials available at the Memorial Hall, it would appear that the history galleries are permanent fixtures, while the art exhibitions come and go. Given the quality of the exhibits and the fact that there was no admission charge to enter and explore, this was an extremely attractive place to visit.

The Memorial Hall was also close to a couple of lunch options, and an Ice Monster shop (台北忠孝店:台北市忠孝東路四段297號;  No.297, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan) where we subsequently went to procure a shaved ice dessert.


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